GDT Software Group is an independent company providing:

  • software products for numerical simulation of complex CFD problems;
  • software for 3D data visualization of physical processes and phenomena as well as medical tomograms;
  • professional consulting services.

     The company has two main commercial software products.

    GasDynamicsTool (GDT) is a software package developed for numerical simulation of gas-dynamic processes in a wide range of initial and boundary conditions. GDT provides for high performance parallel computing, and works on a variety of software and hardware platforms. High computation speed and accuracy of results make GDT an outstanding tool for solving CFD problems. The package includes implementation of several mathematical models that allow use of the package in the exploration of complicated specific physico-chemical processes. Development and incorporation of new models into GDT is possible at the client's request.
    The package offers a user-friendly interface that makes the learning process fast and easy.
    GDT has been suggested by the the Main Council of Russian ministry of Education as a standard for teaching gas and fluid mechanics in the universities of the Russian Federation.

    ScientificVR (SVR) is a visualizer providing fast high quality 3D data visualization. It can be used as a GDT postprocessor as well as for visualization of data obtained from other sources such as packages for numerical simulation, medical tomographs, CAD systems, etc.
    Real on-the-fly data visualization, 3D and stereoscopic visualization, making of dynamic and rotating animation and the use of other state-of-the-art data analysis techniques make SVR an outstanding and powerful tool to assist in understanding fast and complicated phenomena, such as turbulent flows, combustion, explosions, shock and blast waves, dynamic solid bodies deforming with large strains, fluid-structure interaction and a wide range of other applications. There are SVR versions for Windows and Unix.

    Nowadays the company has four official distributors:
    High quality of GDT Software Group products made them popular in leading scientific and academic centers, design bureaus and universities of many countries. Among them are:
  • Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Russia);
  • Sandia National Laboratories (USA);
  • Rheinmetall GmbH (Germany);
  • Israel Military Industries (Israel);
  • DSO National Laboratories (Singapore);
  • Moscow Intitute for Physics and Technology (Russia);
  • Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia);
  • Moscow Bauman State Technical University (Russia).

    GDT Software Group provides customers with a profound technical support, including prompting and assistance on the use of its products, information about the new versions of the package, technical documentation update, user training, etc.

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